Scott Clayton

builds apps


I have extensive experience with Microsoft web stacks


I push for test-driven development and clean architecture


I play around with new technologies in my free time


I place well in programming competitions

Professional Work

CUNA Mutual Group

Azure Sitecore C# SQL ASP.NET MVC JavaScript CSS Vue SCSS Bootstrap TDD Clean Helix DDD SOA CQRS Scrum

Senior full-stack web developer for CUNA Mutual Group focused on the TruStage brand (an insurance provider).

In our most recent project, I took a lead role in rewriting the TruStage website for both sales and policy servicing on the Sitecore CMS hosted in Azure. We incorporated principles from clean (onion) architecture, helix architecture, domain-driven design, command/query responsibility segregation, and service-oriented architecture.

Additionally, I established our first automated build and release pipelines, helped teams transition from waterfall to Scrum, led two geographically distributed development teams, and advocated test driven development.

Pensacola Christian College

Oracle Dynamics NAV C# SQL ASP.NET Web Forms JavaScript HTML CSS jQuery Bootstrap SOA

Full-stack web developer for Pensacola Christian College focused on the Abeka brand (a global textbook publisher and distributor).

During my time here I developed a website for the launch of Abeka Testing (a test proctoring service), migrated the Abeka website from an Oracle backend to Dynamics NAV, wrote several shared libraries and services, created dozens of intranet applications, and minimized overall load on databases and web services by 86% through caching.

I also taught two sections of a class on C# programming to 48 high school students during PCC's week-long Computer Science Camp.

Personal Projects

Spring Challenge 2022

May 2022

Placed 158th of 7,695 in the CodinGame Spring Bot Programming Challenge.

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Community Contribution

June 2021

Ported Volcanoes to Java and got it approved as a multiplayer game on CodinGame where 170+ people have submitted bots.


Spring Challenge 2021

May 2021

Finished 42nd of 6,867 (top 0.6%) in the CodinGame Spring Bot Programming Challenge.

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The Church C.R.E.W.

January 2021

Created an online volunteer scheduler for a private client which uses genetic algorithms to fairly optimize calendars.

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Personal Website

June 2020

Built this website using Jamstack and a git-based headless CMS.

Spring Challenge 2020

May 2020

Made it to legend league and placed 110th of 4,955 (top 3%) in CodinGame's global bot programming competition.

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Ocean of Code Competition

April 2020

Secured 100th place (of 2,279) in the CodinGame Ocean of Code bot programming competition.

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Follow Flight

December 2019

Wrote a tool to track the flight of a disc through a video.

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December 2018

Developed an engine, AI, tournament system, and interface for a friend's new board game concept.

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Recommendation Engine

March 2018

Won first place in Code Project's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence competition.

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Spam Filter

February 2018

Trained a spam classifier using Azure's Machine Learning Studio.

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December 2016

Created an engine, AI, and user interface in C# and JavaScript for the unique game of chase.

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Virtual Hackathon

February 2016

Participated in the Pluralsight 48 hour programming contest and made it to the top 100.

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Video Stabilizer

November 2015

Developed a tool for stabilizing shaky videos.

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October 2015

Ported my CAPTCHA Breaking Library to JavaScript.

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Quasi Shields

March 2014

Wrote and released an Android game on Google Play.

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Chess Engine

July 2013

Created a UCI chess engine written in C#.

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CAPTCHA Breaking Library

April 2012

Created a library and scripting language for solving CAPTCHA systems which includes perceptive colorspace segmenters and neural network classifiers.

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Code Project Article

October 2011

Wrote Encrypting Communication between C# and PHP for Code Project which has been viewed by over 140,000 people and has earned a 4.9 star review.

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Ants Challenge

October 2011

Placed 246th (of 7,800+) in the Google AI Challenge.


March 2011

Created the network multiplayer and computer AI modules for our team's senior project. Our Scotland Yard remake featured multiple maps, difficulty levels, play modes, and piece icons.


August 2010

Programmed a game engine for Mancala.


June 2010

Wrote a program to solve Sudoku puzzles.


March 2010

Wrote an engine, AI, and interface for Othello.


March 2010

Built a fully functional microcontroller simulator complete with a programmable control store, 112 available microinstructions, a variable clock speed, 64 bytes of memory, and visibly activated wires. Wrote a program which runs on the virtual microprocessor and calculates Fibonacci numbers.


February 2010

Created a program which steganographically hides files within an image's pixel data.

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January 2010

Wrote a program (and corresponding paper) to solve the EasyHits4U CAPTCHA.


January 2010

Wrote a program to solve the Cryptographp CAPTCHA with 92% accuracy using neural networks. Also created a paper to describe my methodology.

Parallel Port

December 2009

Wrote a program to graph the output of a 555 timer circuit wired to my parallel port.

Tic Tac Toe

June 2008

Built an unbeatable Tic Tac Toe game.

Remote Skot

July 2007

Built a remote desktop tool in C# and PHP.

Countdown Timer

July 2007

Designed and wire-wrapped a circuit that counts down and sets off a buzzer when it reaches zero.


October 2006

Launched a website built on the WAMP stack. In its first year the website did $730 in sales and grew to 900 users.


October 2006

Created the A Plus Report Card Maker in C# which was downloaded by over 11,000 people.


September 2006

Wrote a market analysis tool in C# with Yahoo Finance integration, trendline tools, and a trading simulator.

Computer Science Camp

June 2006

Built a space shooter game in C# during Pensacola Christian College's computer science camp.

Timer Circuit

April 2006

Designed and breadboarded a circuit that counts up to 60.


November 2004

Wrote a 3D game in DarkBASIC.


June 2003

Built my first game in GML.